AAA Medical Personnel – Company History

AAA Medical recognized
the growing need of healthcare industries, and we now provide comprehensive
staffing services to large and small businesses alike, including
Fortune 500 companies.We have been working with hospitals and healthcare
establishments around the globe in order to find the most cost effective,
quality professionals from countries such as Malaysia, Philippines,
India, Sri Lanka, Eastern Europe, and South Africa.

The countries we have been researching have talented
and hardworking people with exceptional reliability. Because we
believe in providing quality services and maintaining good clientele
relationships, we are committed to giving you the best possible
advantage in this fast paced world. We guarantee to take care of
every detail as you look for your healthcare resources.

Since opening the one office in East Hartford, AAA
has broadened its business and launched two other branch offices.
AAA Medical Personnel now has an additional office in Danbury, Connecticut,
as well as in Austin, Texas.

Along with our hard work ethic and reliable management,
our continued growth results from providing quality services. Our
strength is in our high level of Quality Assurance Process (QAP).
Emphasis on our services ensures that our QAP sets tangible standards
to meet customers ever changing needs, which combined with goals
of quality and consistency, help AAA Medical Personnel maintain
its leadership and growth.

As a result of all our effort and planning, AAA’s
organization structure has grown and will continue to grow to meet
our increasing number of clients and their demand for quality staffing
in healthcare industries.

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