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Ancestry can be established though the use of autosomal DNA testing which is now becoming a common practice to clear up any misunderstandings of heritage and child birth. DNA is extracted from both parties to determine of a certain percentage match is adequate to prove the relationship between two or more potential siblings. Autosomal DNA testing is still said to have faults and not all readings are 100% positive or accurate.

Generally DNA testing is normally done by a cheek scrapping or blood sampling so that the patient suffers the least invasive measure of autosomal DNA testing. Some of the more up to date medical universities have methods of storing DNA for future use so that further generation of siblings can revisit their heritage and find out accurately where their lineage comes from. Autosomal DNA is repeated material found in DNA cells that occur regularly in different races from around the world. The autosomal test can help to provide an insight to the strongest nationality or race to which the test patients’ heritage resides from. For instants most Caucasian folk living in America, Australia or New Zealand will have Angelo Saxon heritage which links back to the English because these nations were settled by the English. People living in Mexico may find links back to Spain because of the Spanish invasion that happened centuries ago.

Autosomal DNA testing can differentiate individuals from the same population even if their physical characteristics are common. For those people born without parents or those who know nothing of their heritage then autosomal DNA testing may reveal answers to difficult questions which other methods of investigation may not be able to answer. Genealogists are still testing the boundaries of the relatively new concept of autosomal DNA testing and will continue to agree and disagree on the relevance of such a procedure. This is normal for the scientific and medical communities as there are many people who misinterpret or mismanage research, sometimes to their own advantage.

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