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Unlocking the intelligence of organizations, means first and foremost removing the brakes, which prevent them from fulfilling their potential. Yet every director and manager knows that this is far from easy and that the legacy of the past is often heavy.

The complexity of organizations, the multiplicity of the sources of information, the lack of visibility regarding the issues, the absence of a shared vision are all brakes on collaborative attitudes and the spirit of enthusiasm needed to ensure success.

In all sectors, the rapid pace of the economy, market requirements, and global competition are factors, which directors cannot avoid. Although they may have no control over these realities, they can act from within, put their organization into motion and transform it.

How? By making its intellectual capital, its know-how and its human capital the principal levers of its performance and bring stakeholders closer to the company, strengthen collaboration and add value to its solutions, brands and reputation.

These two approaches are complementary when it comes to constructing adaptable organizations.

To help companies turn this ambition into reality, MITS is currently integrating into its consulting and solutions a service solution designed, on the one hand, for general managements and executive committees in the area of Management Consulting and, on the other hand, for functional departments in charge of the company’s marketing and interactive communications

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