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Check for Spyware or Adware

98 and Windows XP

Check if you have this type of software installed on your
computer system.

1. Click

2. Click
Run, Then Type msconfig.

3. Then
press enter or click OK, the system configuration utility
will appear.

4. From
System Configuration Utility click the Startup Tab.

startup section of the system configuration utility window
shows a list of programs that run on your computer each
time you start it up. To find out if you have spyware
installed on your computer, look for one or more of the
following programs:

  • b3update

  • gator

  • savenow

  • gator

  • bonzibuddy

  • webhancer agent


  • CommonName

  • Gain

These programs, to name a
few, are regarded by the IT industry as “spyware” or “adware”
, and are subject to the same billable rates as viruses
for removal.

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