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SALES SEARCH is responsible to our clients to search out and select the best available candidates who fit our clients’ needs. We are committed to putting forth the extra effort required to not only satisfy our clients, but to create a good match for the candidates, which usually results in increased longevity and mutual satisfaction. SALES SEARCH is also committed to an equal opportunity philosophy and will not discriminate.


At the outset of a search mandate it is important for SALES SEARCH to have a clear understanding of what our clients wants to accomplish and the requirements of the position to be searched. It is also important to have a mutual agreement on the value of both the future employee’s earnings, as well as SALES SEARCH’S fee.

Toward these ends, it is our policy to meet with our client when it is feasible. Beyond receiving and/or developing the specifications for the position, it is helpful to ascertain the personality and character traits that would contribute to the employee’s success. By visiting the company’s facility and meeting key personnel, we are able to better understand the kind of person who would fit the company’s needs.



We access our extensive database as a primary source of potential candidates.


We network for referrals, utilizing our industry wide contacts and our database.


We actively recruit candidates who are currently employed at our client’s competitors as well as from other similar companies.


If appropriate, we may also use web, career or classified advertising to attract candidates.


SALES SEARCH utilizes its many contacts with associations and out-placement firms, as well as some other recruiting firms to maximize our access to all potential candidates.


SALES SEARCH will administer tests supplied by our clients We do have available a Sales Attitude test as well as a Wonderlich test which judges quickness, math, English and logic. Currently, we do not automatically test candidates as a screening devise.


SALES SEARCH offers a 100% replacement credit to be applied toward a replacement If the employee leaves the position within their first 3 months. If a replacement is not required, the credit may be utilized against any other hire through SALES SEARCH for a period of 18 months.


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