A walking tour of greenwich village

posted by Savanah on Feb 8

One of my favorite ways to get to know a new city, is by walking through it.  I spent hours one night walking around the city of Chicago with a friend who had grown up there.  He told of the history of certain sites, such as the “alley”–which is now a building, of the famous Al Capone Valentine’s Day Massacre, the Biograph Movie House where John Dillinger was turned in by the woman in the red dress, and the histories of the Drake Hotel and the Chicago Tribune building.

My first trip to New York, I was alone, and wanted to take a walk, but I wanted to be informed about the sights that I was seeing, and while I do not usually like big guided group tours, I signed up for a the Food and Culture Walking Tour of Greenwich Village.  The guide for the tour was extremely knowledgeable and as it turned out, very well known around the Village, so not only did we get his stories, but many of the stories of local restaurant and shop owners as well.  I love cities and I love their stories and so this was perfect.  The tour cost forty two dollars, but this included tastings at many of the restaurants in the Village, timed just right throughout the three hour walk.

This is an area where not only do the people have a history, but the buildings do as well, from the pubs and the taverns of the beat poets, to the unique hotels of NYC, to the restaurants that have been family owned and operated for many years.  The tour is offered year round, so should you find yourself taking this same tour, be sure to dress appropriately for the weather of the moment.  And while the tour is taken at a comfortable pace, it is a two mile walk, so very comfortable shoes are a must.  I love the tour of Greenwich Village, the food and the coffee along the way was incredible, and when we had finished I found that I had gained a lot of knowledge about this small corner of New York City.

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