Overview of website building solution

The Ecommerce Shop Web Site Builder consists of several parts:

Branded Internet Store

One of the hardest parts to starting a new business is deciding on a company brand (identity) and design. A company brand is essential to determine your company logo and colour scheme. It also defines the guidelines for how your branded store should be created. We are experts in creating corporate identities and extending this brand to design a unique Internet store that reflects your type of business.

Online Management Tools
To help you in managing your own branded Internet store we have developed a series of easy to use point-and-click management tools to update your products from anywhere in the world! (All you need is access to the Internet!)

The management tools provide the following functionality:


A very easy to use visitors book , where site users can post comments. Also includes a password protected administration area where owners can edit, delete or add entries, change styles, colours and page layouts, and set the number of results per page, before the system auto-archives older comments.

A dynamic FAQ system, with a password protected administration area, allowing site owners to build a questions and answers section. Site owners can set the number of FAQs displayed per page, whether to have each item dated and whether or not to have a search engine.
A links page, where site owners can easily create a page of links to other websites.
A photo album, where site owners can easily create and manage their photos online. With a comprehensive password protected online editing section where multiple albums can be managed, plus the ability to change fonts, styles, colours, page layout and to add alternative album sections.
An online product display solution, combined with a complete shopping basket / cart utility. This allows the website owner to easily manage their online shop, and for customers to browse & select products, for online purchase.
A Mailing List Manager for Newsletters. When an email address is submitted, the system will automatically send a confirmation request to that Email address. Confirmed Email addresses are then collected for future mailouts. This allows the Site Owner to build a mailing list only of those who wish to receive Emails of their products and services.
A Latest News system, which enables a site owner to easily maintain a News section, and to specify the number of aritcles to display per page. Older articles are automatically archived.
Document Library , allows site owners to manage an online document library, capable of supporting most document types, for download or viewing online.
A Contact List Page, where site owners can easily create a page of contacts, listing Names, Phone numbers, address, emails etc…

Larger Modules Available

Features will include:

  1. Search form, with ‘list all’ function
  2. Results List with basic details, and thumbnail of car
  3. Full details page, with multiple images.  There will be a range of page layouts available
  4. Basic category management – incase users want to sell motorbikes, caravans etc – or perhaps for different makes of cars.
An area where you as site admins can update the solution with upcoming events. The results are displayed in a simple list, with each item dated.  The User can then click through for more detail on that event.

A Module where you as site admins can upload availble jobs to a website.  This will result in a jobs list, which can be clicked through to more detail.  A document upload feature to this if the Admin wants to upload a PDF or something with more details.  The solution will come with job-specific enquiry forms etc.

In Site Admin, edit the ‘members sign-in’ page. From here you can create an unlimited number of membership levels, and apply any number of these to any page of the website.  Once applied to a page, website users can only access the page if they have been supplied with member details, and if they belong to the correct member level. You can create an unlimited number of members using the members module, and specify their member level.

Features will include:

  1. Site Admin choses ‘Database’ from the page layouts
  2. On entering the admin area of the module, they define table fields for example:

    Company/Organization Name:
    Web Site:
    Category 1
    Category 2
    Category 3 etc

  3. They specify which of the fields should be used in the auto-generated search form.
  4. There will be an optional ‘keywords’ checkbox / function
  5. They specify whether the Database area should be fronted by a search form, or a list.  ie – what website users see first when loading the page. There will be links between the search form and the list.
  6. There will be an ‘import’ function where Site Admins can upload a new database from a CSV, or append to an existing database.
  7. Of course Admins will be able to add new records manually to a database they create, and edit each record individually.

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