Soma faq | soma on review

Answer #5: Yes it can. More precisely, Soma possesses the potential for causing these, which does not mean you are going to experience them. However, in case you do, you should refrain from driving or doing any other activities that will be dangerous if your thinking and reactions are impaired.

Question #6: Can one overdose on Soma?

Answer #6: Yes they can. Taking larger dosages of Soma than the prescribed ones is very dangerous and it can lead to an overdose that can be extremely dangerous. The symptoms of a Soma overdose may include vision problems, shallow breathing, confusion, hallucinations, fast heartbeat, lightheadedness, seizures, fainting and muscle stiffness. It is essential to contact emergency medical services in case an overdose on Soma is suspected.

Question #7: What do I need to avoid when using Soma?

Answer #7: The easiest way to answer this is to tell you that you should never combine Soma with any other medications, no matter how common or mild they might be unless your doctor has approved this. You should also avoid drinking alcohol when using Soma.

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