Soma matha – writings and research

Work is being done to publish online and written information for students of Ayurveda, Western Herbalists, and Western Medical Professionals, about the safe and effective use of Ayurvedic and Native Appalachian herbs for healing.  Please follow this link to for online articles and class outlines posted on the website. 

We are working to help local Appalachian herb growers to establish farms of these two herb Sugandhawal (Valeriana Jatamansi / above left) a Vaca (Acorus calamus / Above right) next growing season.  

We are researching the properties of various herbs and formulating herbal preparations based upon the ancient Ayurvedic Texts.  We prepare herbal medicines for sale to the public (though at the moment they are available only in small quantities to patients of the pharmacy).  Several powerful formulas have been revealed to Swamiji in his meditations and there are plans to make these preparations available commercially in the near future.   All herbs are prepared with love and attention by Swamiji’s students and blessed by Swamiji.      

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