Generic Arimidex Ways To Treat Breast Cancer In Women

Many women suffering from various cancers in all across the world but the most common cancer disease of women is known as breast cancer. Women are spending lots of money to get recover from this disease. Many women who are suffering from breast cancer have lost their lives and many of them are still getting treatments for this cancer. To treat breast cancer, doctor recommends a special medication to such patients known as arimidex (or anastrozole). This medicine is manufactured by ‘AstraZeneca Pharmaceuticals’ and the strength of its dosage are available in 1 mg. This type of cancer is treated in women during postmenopausal period. Its main function is to lower down the estrogens levels in women’s body which further helps to slow down the growth of various types of breast tumors, which requires estrogens to grow in the body.
Arimidex medicine takes time to improve the health condition of every woman, who is suffering from breast cancer. Though it is very easy to use, but still it should be follow as instructed in label of the product and as prescribed by the doctor. It can be taken with or without the food. Women taking this medication must stay in touch with doctor and keep informing the doctor as there are many changes that can occur after taking this pill. Some common side-effects that a woman eating this pill is likely to have are:-
1. Dizziness;
2. Nausea;
3. Diarrhea;
4. Headache;
5. Constipation;
6. Itching;
7. Depression;
8. Chest pain or chest tightening;
9. Skin rashes;
10. Sudden mood change like depression;
11. Cough; and/or
12. Vaginal bleeding.
Before taking this medicine, a patient must inform to the doctor if she has diseases other than breast cancer such as- heart disease, high blood pressure and/or liver disease. Women eating this tablet must inform the doctor if having any allergic reaction. Medications such as estrogens, and tamoxifen should be avoided to eat. Pregnant women should avoid the use of this medicine as this can be harmful both for the patient as well as child, who has not yet came in the world. This medicine should also be avoided by those women who are giving breastfeeding to their babies as the ingredients used in this product can be harmful for the baby’s health.
It is important that this arimidex pill should be stored in a room temperature at 20-25 degrees C. It should be stored away from the reach of pets and children, which parents should make sure. It should be stored in a dry place (not in a bathroom), where heat, light, and moisture cannot reach to it. Eating excessive (overdose) medicine can be harmful for women’s health, and missed dose should be skipped.

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