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If you are wearing glasses, many time glasses get broken or lost a contact lens. If you are wearing glasses, just imagine your life without glasses or contact lenses. All across the world, millions of people, who were wearing glasses, have already benefited from this life-changing procedure. Laser eye surgery is a simple procedure which improves your vision and get rid you from glasses and contact lenses. Most parents who have had laser eye surgery find that they are able to relax more and enjoy being in their children’s company. Lasik makes family life easy. The human eye’s front surface (cornea) and lens inside the eye form the eye’s “focusing system” and are primarily responsible for focusing incoming light rays onto the surface of the retina, similar to the lenses of a camera focus light onto the film. In a perfect optical system, the power of the cornea and lens are perfectly matched with the length of the eye and images are in focus; any mismatch in this system is called a refractive error, and the result is a blurred image at some location.

Lasik refers to laser in situ keratomileusis, which means using a laser under a corneal flap to reshape the cornea so that refractive error can be treated. The Lasik procedure is performed by trained eye surgeon who first creates a precise, thin hinged corneal flap with a use of a very special Medical Device called Microkeratome. The flap with a hinge (connected to periphery of cornea) is pulls back then the excimer laser is done to reshapes the cornea in a unique pre-decided program pattern to treat the refractive error. After which, the flap is then repositioned without use of sutures. It is highly safe procedure & success depends largely on the suitability of the specific procedure to your eyes. Before procedure one need to look into factors, such as corneal thickness and desire treatment need to correct refractive error.

Wave front-guided Lasik, also called as customized Lasik or CLasik or Zyoptix or every company technology is name in unique way. In the procedure, the treatment is done more customized way rather standard after consider the various aberration present in the person eyes.

Blade-free Lasik is also known as Intra Lasik or Ilasik. Blade-free Lasik is an alternative to traditional Lasik eye surgery. The main difference between with Blade Lasik or without blade Lasik is the way in which the corneal flap is created. In case of Normal Lasik procedure- the use of a mechanical blade is needed to make the flap & rest procedure is same; however, in blade-free Lasik – the flap made with the use of Laser without use to any blade with an accurate, computer-controlled Intra Lase laser. The blade free Lasik is exceptionally precise & safe, sometime patients who are not fit for traditional Lasik surgery with a microkeratome may be good candidates for Intra Lasik. The Intra lase laser is a high frequency laser called a femtosecond laser, uses high pulsed light energy to create a layer of microscopic gas bubbles at a precise level as determined by your Lasik Surgeon.

The most of people who meet the age and general health requirements are in fact good candidates for the Blade Free Lasik. The inclusion criteria are as follows for Ilasik procedure.

You should be 18 years old plus
You should be in good general health
You should have stable vision for at least one year
You should not have any existing eye disease offers economical and best world-class medical treatment overseas; coordinated by an experienced and knowledgeable organization with established professional relationships at the world’s most respected and trustable medical facilities.

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