Using Pajamas To Stop Snoring

Remedies to help a person stop snoring abound. Walk through the aisles of any pharmacy or health food store and you’ll probably see entire shelves devoted to snoring cessation medications, sprays, inhalers, syrups, and so on. Do any of these actually work? Are there any that seem to have more success than others? And how can you actually use your pajamas to stop snoring, if at all?

Using Natural Remedies to Stop Snoring

Before you try some special pajamas to stop snoring, consider sprays and inhalers, as these sometimes do work when looking for a natural remedy to stop snoring. A common reason for most who snore is that they have excessively dry throats, mouths, and tongues, and this causes these areas to vibrate loudly when they breathe while sleeping. These sprays, inhalers and syrups coat the mouth and throat and keep them moist throughout the night.

The only problem with many of these sprays is that sometimes they contain alcohol or have narcotic properties that are so strong that they interfere with other medications, health conditions, and sometimes are reportedly even addictive! There is another remedy that involves your pajamas to stop snoring, but we’ll get to that soon enough.

In addition to sprays, inhalers, and syrups, you can also try to keep your throat moist by using a humidifier or vaporizer in your bedroom and making sure the room is warm enough. Having a room that’s too cold can also cause your throat to become tense and dry, which is one way that you can use pajamas to stop snoring. Make sure that they are warm enough for your particular climate or environment. If you’re not comfortable with ones that have high neck or that feel scratchy, shop around for soft cotton or flannel, but make sure they’re also loose enough so that you can move in your sleep without waking up.

Lifestyle Changes

Before you think about what you can do to your pajamas to stop snoring, think about your own lifestyle. Sometimes people don’t want to hear how they are bringing their snoring on themselves, but unfortunately they may be doing just that with things such as smoking or excessive body weight. Smoking of course damages your health overall in many ways, and has been linked with not only lung cancer but cancers of the throat, mouth, tongue, and bladder, as well as heart disease and heart attacks. Smoking has been tied to snoring in that it severely dries the throat and mouth, and this dryness causes snoring. If you smoke, there’s no way you can use a simple pair of pajamas to stop snoring, and of course you have more to worry about than the snoring itself.

Additionally, being overweight often causes people to snore as the extra weight puts pressure on the neck and cuts off the airway. Obese people often are heard gasping and choking at night since they have such a hard time breathing. Again, there are no magic pajamas to stop smoking if you are literally choking yourself during sleep.

Using Pajamas to Stop Smoking

So, just how do you use special pajamas to stop smoking? The truth is that there is nothing special about pajamas to stop smoking, it’s what you do to them.

Some people have found that they begin smoking when they sleep on their back and their head falls back, lower than their neck. This lets their mouth fall open, and breathing their mouth makes them snore. Many bedmates of snorers often spend quite a bit of time rolling the snorer onto his or her side during the night. However, you can do this yourself by putting tennis balls or some other uncomfortable item in the back of your pajamas. When you try to sleep on your back, the tennis balls are painful and you naturally avoid that position.

Some have found too that using pajamas to stop smoking works if you avoid the tennis balls in the back and instead put them in the neck of the pajamas. Usually just one is sufficient.

Sometimes however this method can make a person too uncomfortable as they don’t naturally roll onto their side but instead find themselves waking up in order to readjust their positions by themselves. Waking up several times in the middle of the night can be just as disturbing as snoring.

Additionally, it can be somewhat awkward to try to attach tennis balls into the inside of your pajamas to stop snoring if you’re not very handy with a strip of Velcro. And of course tennis balls are not washable, so heaven forbid you forget to take them out on laundry day!

There are other ways to keep you on your side that aren’t quite as complicated. For example, some snore pills will cradle your head and keep it in proper alignment with your neck regardless of what position you sleep in. If your head is upright and aligned properly, you won’t be likely to breathe through your mouth. You can also try to prop up the head of your bead by an inch or two. Or, try putting a pillow behind your back and under your pajamas to stop snoring, as this too can keep you from rolling on your back.

Of course if none of these remedies work, you can always see your doctor for medical intervention. He or she can recommend other options for you. There are oral medications available by prescription. Surgical intervention may also be necessary, and these surgeries are not as invasive or dangerous as you may assume. In severe cases you may need to use an oxygen machine at night, but of course these things are better than the health risks that come with chronic insomnia. There may be no magic pajamas to stop snoring, but there are solutions, and every day there are new options being made available for those who suffer from chronic snoring, whether it’s theirs or their person they sleep with!

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