Canada Pharmacy Impressed With No Scars Tumor Robot

A crab-shaped robot has been designed by researchers based in Singapore capable of removing tumors without leaving scars. Our Canada pharmacy considers this a breakthrough device, because it performs the difficult task of removing cancerous growth from the human body using a minimal invasive procedure. The robot is small in size, but its usefulness can be gauged from the fact it is capable of entering the human body through an endoscope to remove tumorous growth.

It is estimated a total of 21,320 stomach cancer cases will be detected in the year 2012, out of which 10,540 would succumb to the disease. It is considered one of the deadliest medical conditions across the globe and usually gets diagnosed beyond stage one making it difficult to treat the disease. People do buy Gleevec for treatment of gastric tumors during chemotherapy, as the drug is a very effective tyrosine kinase inhibitor preventing cancer cells from growing.

Tumors can be in the form of parasitic growth cells often making surgery difficult and complicated. For example, parasitic twins generate and develop in the stomach. Known as fetus-in-fetu, the condition affects one in 500,000 newborn children. Surgeons in Peru had to recently remove growth from within a three-year-old male child’s stomach. A complicated surgery of this nature requires devices that do not leave scars or cause infection. A partially-formed fetus can be over a pound in weight and over 6 inches in length.

The mini robot is able to remove tumors with the help of a pincer and hook. The pincers are used to hold and keep the tumor in place while the hook accurately slices off cancerous growth using a technique that does not leave scars behind. Our generic Canada pharmacy points out accuracy is much higher as compared to humans, as the robot is able to maneuver within confined space with precision and accuracy.

A wound does cause some bleeding as veins get exposed, but the robot manages to stop profuse bleeding by coagulating the blood and restricting flow. Surgeons are constantly monitoring the process with the help of small cameras enclosed within the endoscope. The surgical process develops accuracy as human hands are replaced by robotic pincer and hook capable of performing delicate operations with much higher accuracy levels.

The surgical procedure using robots is safer and takes less time to complete than a keyhole surgery. The time taken to complete surgery is directly responsible for the rate of infection. The longer it takes, higher is the probability of infection setting in after completion of surgery.

The overall survival rate in patients suffering from stomach cancer can be increased by preventing infection from spreading across to unaffected areas. Diagnosis often requires drastic measures to be taken including chemotherapy. The aim of increasing overall response rates to prescription medication can only be achieved by improving surgical procedures.

Our generic Canada pharmacy believes the tumor-removing robot may be the first step towards speeding up surgical procedures and improving response rates in patients at different stages of stomach cancer. Less scarring will also encourage more people to opt for the new procedure.

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