Necessary Lifestyle Changes To Reduce The Risk Of Oral Cancer

Oral cancer is serious problem for Americans. About 36,000 will get diagnosed with the disease a year but only half will survive within five years of their diagnosis.

Cancer is never a disease to be taken lightly. To increase your chances of survival it needs to be caught and treated while still in its early stages. Oral cancer is especially serious because it quickly spreads throughout the body, especially to the lungs and lymph nodes.

Once the disease has spread it becomes very difficult to treat and can be fatal.

One of the difficulties with oral cancer is that it can be hard to detect yourself. That’s why it’s important to get a check up every six months to a year. Some people never even now they have oral cancer until it’s too late because it isn’t always symptomatic.

When symptoms do appear you should pay attention to them. The symptoms of oral cancer include, a lump on or near the mouth, bleeding sores on the mouth and difficulty chewing or swallowing. There may be tenderness or pain in the mouth or lips and changes or hoarseness in your voice.

Often patients that have oral cancer are smokers, heavy drinkers or chew tobacco. This isn’t the case with everyone, however. It has been known to occur in people who don’t follow the established behavior patterns that make you prone to getting the disease.

Cancer is serious and potentially deadly so, do what you can to prevent it. See your dentist on a regular basis and request an oral exam. This is especially important if you are over 45.

Always stay away from tobacco products and limit your alcohol use, as well. A healthy diet and limiting exposure to the sun will all help you avoid getting oral cancer. It’s easier to take these precautions than to hope you find and treat the disease before it becomes fatal.

Canada Pharmacy Impressed With No Scars Tumor Robot

A crab-shaped robot has been designed by researchers based in Singapore capable of removing tumors without leaving scars. Our Canada pharmacy considers this a breakthrough device, because it performs the difficult task of removing cancerous growth from the human body using a minimal invasive procedure. The robot is small in size, but its usefulness can be gauged from the fact it is capable of entering the human body through an endoscope to remove tumorous growth.

It is estimated a total of 21,320 stomach cancer cases will be detected in the year 2012, out of which 10,540 would succumb to the disease. It is considered one of the deadliest medical conditions across the globe and usually gets diagnosed beyond stage one making it difficult to treat the disease. People do buy Gleevec for treatment of gastric tumors during chemotherapy, as the drug is a very effective tyrosine kinase inhibitor preventing cancer cells from growing.

Tumors can be in the form of parasitic growth cells often making surgery difficult and complicated. For example, parasitic twins generate and develop in the stomach. Known as fetus-in-fetu, the condition affects one in 500,000 newborn children. Surgeons in Peru had to recently remove growth from within a three-year-old male child’s stomach. A complicated surgery of this nature requires devices that do not leave scars or cause infection. A partially-formed fetus can be over a pound in weight and over 6 inches in length.

The mini robot is able to remove tumors with the help of a pincer and hook. The pincers are used to hold and keep the tumor in place while the hook accurately slices off cancerous growth using a technique that does not leave scars behind. Our generic Canada pharmacy points out accuracy is much higher as compared to humans, as the robot is able to maneuver within confined space with precision and accuracy.

A wound does cause some bleeding as veins get exposed, but the robot manages to stop profuse bleeding by coagulating the blood and restricting flow. Surgeons are constantly monitoring the process with the help of small cameras enclosed within the endoscope. The surgical process develops accuracy as human hands are replaced by robotic pincer and hook capable of performing delicate operations with much higher accuracy levels.

The surgical procedure using robots is safer and takes less time to complete than a keyhole surgery. The time taken to complete surgery is directly responsible for the rate of infection. The longer it takes, higher is the probability of infection setting in after completion of surgery.

The overall survival rate in patients suffering from stomach cancer can be increased by preventing infection from spreading across to unaffected areas. Diagnosis often requires drastic measures to be taken including chemotherapy. The aim of increasing overall response rates to prescription medication can only be achieved by improving surgical procedures.

Our generic Canada pharmacy believes the tumor-removing robot may be the first step towards speeding up surgical procedures and improving response rates in patients at different stages of stomach cancer. Less scarring will also encourage more people to opt for the new procedure.

Do You Want To Know More About Cyberknife Treatment in India

India is one of the few countries where cyber knife cancer radio surgery treatment is available. Based on radiosurgical principals, Cyberknife surgery is a frameless robotic radiosurgery system that delivers a stereotactic radiotherapy with the intention to treat cancer patients more accurately than standard radiotherapy. Cyber knife treatment for cancer uses multiple and high dose of radiation, so that doctors can precisely aim at a tumor without damaging healthy body tissues. No anesthesia is required, no hospitalization and minimal post operative care.
Cyber knife surgery is a new cancer treatment procedure and is therefore uncommon and a tad expensive. It is the only radiosurgery system to bring together a linear accelerator, a robotic arm and the image guidance system. With its unique capabilities, It can target lesions and tumors that might be considered unreachable by other radiosurgery systems. It is also the only system that can continually monitor and adjust in real-time for patient movement during treatment. Also, due to its precision, Cyberknife treatment for cancer targets the damaged region only without harming or affected the surrounding tissues or regions.

On this page, we will throw some light on Cyberknife surgery, treatment of cancer with Cyber knife and provide a brief overview of Cyberknife surgery in India.
Radiosurgery and How Cyberknife is Different from Other Systems
Although Radiosurgery has been used for over 30 years to treat both cancerous and benign tumors and growths, It is a very new concept and different than its counterparts. Radiosurgery does not remove the tumors, rather it uses high doses of radiation to destroy the tumor cells and stop the growth of active cells. Multiple beams of radiation produced by a linear accelerator are directed at the abnormal growth within the body.

Various radiosurgery systems are available, the most most widely used being the Gamma Knife and modified linear accelerators. It distinction advantage over the other options is its precision, which enables physicians to maximize the amount of radiation that reaches the tumor or abnormal growth while minimizing exposure to healthy tissue and organs.
Cyberknife Treatment Procedures
Cyber knife treatment works in mainly two ways. In the first methodology, lightweight radiation delivery equipment is inserted on a multi-jointed robotic arm, so that it can be easily reach tumors in any part of the body. In the second method, the technique uses image guidance system, which allows the Cyberknife therapy to track and allocate the tumor.

This uses image guidance and robotics to maintain a high degree of precision and is particularly useful for tumors that are close to critical structures.

The biggest advantages which the Cyber knife treatment offers are that no anesthesia is required, no hospitalization and no cuts or incisions at all. This means that there is no recovery time and everyday activities can be resumed immediately. Also, the treatment is undertaken in 1 to 6 sessions, which can be performed on either the same day or different days, as per the patient’s convenience.
What does Cyber knife Surgery Treat?
The Cyberknife system has FDA clearance for treatment of tumors in any location of the body. This surgery is administered for both cancerous and benign tumors. All stages, from I until IV (metastases) can be treated. Following are treated using Cyberknife system:
a. Cancers involving the brain
b. Lung cancers
c. Pancreatic cancers
d. Metastatic liver cancers
e. Cancers involving the spine
f. Benign brain tumors
g. Malformations of blood vessels within the brain
h. Trigeminal neuralgia
i. Metastatic orbital tumors, orbital lymphomas and orbital inflammations (tumors or inflammations around the eye)
Cyberknife Treatment Cannot be Used
For tumors or metastases bigger than 3-4 cms., in which case they are treated via a similar radiotheraphy called IMRT, which is not as precise as Cyberknife but the results are good if the tumors are not solid.
Benefits of Cyberknife Surgery
Cyber knife treatment of Cancer is an extirely new approach and offers many advantages over other methods. It is a noninvasive alternative for patients who are not ideally suited for or are unable to undergo traditional surgery. The benefits include:
a. No anesthesia
b. No pain
c. No incisions
d. No bleeding
e. Immediate return to normal routine
f. Completely frameless
g. No hospitalization
h. Minimal radiation exposure to healthy tissues and organs
i. Even if tumors have received the maximum allowed dosage of radiation, they can still be treated.

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Using Pajamas To Stop Snoring

Remedies to help a person stop snoring abound. Walk through the aisles of any pharmacy or health food store and you’ll probably see entire shelves devoted to snoring cessation medications, sprays, inhalers, syrups, and so on. Do any of these actually work? Are there any that seem to have more success than others? And how can you actually use your pajamas to stop snoring, if at all?

Using Natural Remedies to Stop Snoring

Before you try some special pajamas to stop snoring, consider sprays and inhalers, as these sometimes do work when looking for a natural remedy to stop snoring. A common reason for most who snore is that they have excessively dry throats, mouths, and tongues, and this causes these areas to vibrate loudly when they breathe while sleeping. These sprays, inhalers and syrups coat the mouth and throat and keep them moist throughout the night.

The only problem with many of these sprays is that sometimes they contain alcohol or have narcotic properties that are so strong that they interfere with other medications, health conditions, and sometimes are reportedly even addictive! There is another remedy that involves your pajamas to stop snoring, but we’ll get to that soon enough.

In addition to sprays, inhalers, and syrups, you can also try to keep your throat moist by using a humidifier or vaporizer in your bedroom and making sure the room is warm enough. Having a room that’s too cold can also cause your throat to become tense and dry, which is one way that you can use pajamas to stop snoring. Make sure that they are warm enough for your particular climate or environment. If you’re not comfortable with ones that have high neck or that feel scratchy, shop around for soft cotton or flannel, but make sure they’re also loose enough so that you can move in your sleep without waking up.

Lifestyle Changes

Before you think about what you can do to your pajamas to stop snoring, think about your own lifestyle. Sometimes people don’t want to hear how they are bringing their snoring on themselves, but unfortunately they may be doing just that with things such as smoking or excessive body weight. Smoking of course damages your health overall in many ways, and has been linked with not only lung cancer but cancers of the throat, mouth, tongue, and bladder, as well as heart disease and heart attacks. Smoking has been tied to snoring in that it severely dries the throat and mouth, and this dryness causes snoring. If you smoke, there’s no way you can use a simple pair of pajamas to stop snoring, and of course you have more to worry about than the snoring itself.

Additionally, being overweight often causes people to snore as the extra weight puts pressure on the neck and cuts off the airway. Obese people often are heard gasping and choking at night since they have such a hard time breathing. Again, there are no magic pajamas to stop smoking if you are literally choking yourself during sleep.

Using Pajamas to Stop Smoking

So, just how do you use special pajamas to stop smoking? The truth is that there is nothing special about pajamas to stop smoking, it’s what you do to them.

Some people have found that they begin smoking when they sleep on their back and their head falls back, lower than their neck. This lets their mouth fall open, and breathing their mouth makes them snore. Many bedmates of snorers often spend quite a bit of time rolling the snorer onto his or her side during the night. However, you can do this yourself by putting tennis balls or some other uncomfortable item in the back of your pajamas. When you try to sleep on your back, the tennis balls are painful and you naturally avoid that position.

Some have found too that using pajamas to stop smoking works if you avoid the tennis balls in the back and instead put them in the neck of the pajamas. Usually just one is sufficient.

Sometimes however this method can make a person too uncomfortable as they don’t naturally roll onto their side but instead find themselves waking up in order to readjust their positions by themselves. Waking up several times in the middle of the night can be just as disturbing as snoring.

Additionally, it can be somewhat awkward to try to attach tennis balls into the inside of your pajamas to stop snoring if you’re not very handy with a strip of Velcro. And of course tennis balls are not washable, so heaven forbid you forget to take them out on laundry day!

There are other ways to keep you on your side that aren’t quite as complicated. For example, some snore pills will cradle your head and keep it in proper alignment with your neck regardless of what position you sleep in. If your head is upright and aligned properly, you won’t be likely to breathe through your mouth. You can also try to prop up the head of your bead by an inch or two. Or, try putting a pillow behind your back and under your pajamas to stop snoring, as this too can keep you from rolling on your back.

Of course if none of these remedies work, you can always see your doctor for medical intervention. He or she can recommend other options for you. There are oral medications available by prescription. Surgical intervention may also be necessary, and these surgeries are not as invasive or dangerous as you may assume. In severe cases you may need to use an oxygen machine at night, but of course these things are better than the health risks that come with chronic insomnia. There may be no magic pajamas to stop snoring, but there are solutions, and every day there are new options being made available for those who suffer from chronic snoring, whether it’s theirs or their person they sleep with!

Colon Most cancers Assistance

Your colon is usually a risky area within the end of the digestive program. It is actually not a location where lots of people wish to go. Most cancers develops during the colon a lot of your times, it hurts a whole lot of individuals. Colon cancer accounts for one of the best sorts of most cancers which you can get within your life span. So how do people get this sickness? Usually it truly is from a bad diet plan which tends to lower the well being of one’s colon, making it less difficult for ailment to come.

Extra Data relating to the colon area

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The colon is situated with your digestive program. It is actually one among the last organs that your waste passes via before you get it from the body. The primary functionality of one’s colon is always to get salt and water in the squander. Following that, it can be passed into your rectum which can be then excreted from your physique.

Tips about colon most cancers

One of the three main cancers that people get, colon cancer is one of them. This cancer also prospects the record for one of essentially the most preventable kinds of most cancers. This cancer may be prevented in the use of an easy diet. Looking for a much better everyday living and a healthful colon, then this diet would be the proper just one to suit your needs.

Facts pertaining to the colon cleanse diet

That is a eating plan utilised to extend the wellbeing within your colon. It will require about fourteen times to complete this eating plan from major to base. The situation is usually roughly depending on precisely what is going on.

Leafy greens, organic fruits, nuts and lean meat are definitely the meals that you can try to eat. Fructose corn syrup, fat, and oil ordinarily stops your colon from getting healthy. These are not superior to your colon. They tend to really do injury to your colon.

The foodstuff said higher than tend to be the only things which your eating plan needs to consist of. Nearly anything else can make it more durable in your colon to generally be nutritious. A nutritious colon will decrease the hazard of colon most cancers. However it truly is continue to a good idea to try and do screening for most cancers continuously. Make sure that your wellbeing generally speaking is good. You must use a mix of issues along with the colon cleanse diet to even further enhance the health and fitness of it. Make sure to just take other steps so that you can go away most cancers absolutely free.

Breast Cancer Symptoms – How To Detect Before It Is Too Late

Breast cancer is a serious disorder that attacks women. It is a disease that women dread about. In medical terms, this disease can be defined as a formation of malignant or cancer cells in the breast tissues.

The disease has been termed as heterogeneous. This means that it is a different disease that appears and forms differently in different women of different age groups. Younger women are said to be more vulnerable to this disease.

This disease can be cured if detected early. This is the reason that young women are advised to carry out a self-examination for any kind of lungs inside their breast every three to six months. They should also go for a medical examination in every six months.

When failed to detect, this disease can result in to some real threatening stages. In certain severe and final stages of breast cancer, women are advised to go for a breast removal surgery or masectomy. This is really dreadful moment in a woman life.

Fortunately, this disease can be treated successfully if detected early. Hence, it is very important to learn about the symptoms of breast cancer and keep tabs on any of the warning signs that may hit our body anytime.

Here are some potential breast cancer symptoms to help you learn about this disease and detect it on time in a better and effective way.

– The warning sings

Usually, breast cancer does not carry any pain. However, a woman is still advised to visit her health care practitioner on a regular basis to know about the development of the disease in her body.

Common symptoms

a)Change in breast and nipple feel

You may suddenly experience tenderness of nipple or even a lump or thickening near the breast or underarm area without any specific reason.

b)Change in the appearance of breast or nipple

This means that there is a change in the shape or the size of the breast or a nipple. The nipple may appear scaly, read, swollen, turn slightly inward or contain ridges or pitting similar to the skin of an orange.

c)Nipple discharge

Sometimes, you may also experience nipple discharge. The discharge may be clear or bloody.


You may sometimes feel pain in the nipple.


Women with breast cancer can even observe swelling or mass inside the arm pit.


A lump near the arm pit or breast is a clear indication of breast cancer.


You would find a rash on a nipple or the surrounding area.

All the above mentioned signs and symptoms are an indication that you may be suffering from breast cancer.

However, there are several other ways to detect breast cancer such as self examination. You can conduct a self examination at your home. Just inspect your breasts for any lumps or swelling, changes in contour of each breast, dimpling of skin or changes in the nipples.

Remember that early detection of this disease is the only way to cure it. You need to focus on the signs and symptoms of this disease in order to detect it. Watch out for the symptoms and be safe.

Instant PCR Equipment Market- Global Segments and Forecast upto 2020

A thermal cycler or a DNA amplification machine performs polymerase chain reactions to make copies of genetic material and is popularly known as a PCR. The machine raises and lowers temperature at a highly sensitive pre-programmed steps in order to denature and renature DNA that is inserted within small tubes of the machine. The amplification of DNA is a precursor in experimentation and research in genomics and proteomics to study drug interactions, genome sequencing, protein sequencing and gene identification. PCR was introduced a few decades ago and have undergone revolutionary changes in terms of quality and speed. Although the working mechanism for a PCR is simple, their cost is primarily high due to the presence of highly sensitive temperature control system. Peltier and silver elements are primarily used in thermal cyclers to achieve temperature control in a PCR instrument. The term instant PCR signifies instant evaluation of the absolute or relative quantification of the cDNA copies from a single real time PCR curve. Instant PCR enables amplification of DNA strand in a short time period for formation of a number of identical DNA copies.

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Due to the extensive genomics research throughout the world, instant PCR’s are very much in demand and account for a part of basic capital investment by research institutions in research equipment. Cancer remains unconquered; it is estimated that around 12 million people globally are diagnosed with cancer every year. There is an increase in the number of cancer cases due to the growing global elderly population and unhealthy lifestyle. Breast, lung, gastric and prostate cancers are the most frequently diagnosed type of cancer in industrialized countries. Instant PCR is mostly utilized for the diagnosis of cancer. With rising prevalence of various cancer the global demand of instant PCR instrument is also gaining popularity worldwide and thereby increases its demand. For instance, the World Health Organization (WHO) published in 2014, that worldwide 8.2 million people died of cancer in 2012.

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North America and Europe dominated the global instant PCR instrument market due to major market players are based in these regions. Moreover, North America and Europe accounts for the highest number of diagnosis cases performed with respect to various cancers (breast cancer, colon cancer, pancreatic cancer and ovarian cancer) every year. In addition, favorable initiatives taken by the federal government would also account for the market growth of instant PCR instruments in North American and European regions. Asia-Pacific comprises countries such as India, China, Australia, Japan and Malaysia. Japan and China accounted for the largest share of the instant PCR instrument market among the Asia-Pacific countries due to strong demand of the diagnostic tests. Technological advancement would further expect to accentuate the market growth in these regions. Rest of the World (RoW) comprises the markets in Latin America, the Middle East and Africa. Rest of the world (RoW) holds fourth position in the global instant PCR instrument market due to poor economic and health condition in most of the African countries. However, the market for instant PCR instrument in RoW is primarily fuelled by extensive increase of healthcare infrastructure in Brazil and Mexico.

Some of the major market players operating in the global instant PCR instrument market includes Agilent Technologies, ThermoFisher Scientific, Life Technologies, Danaher Corporation, Sigma Aldrich, Perkin Elmer, Affymetrix, Illumina, Bruker-Daltonics among others.

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Choosing How to Die. Does it Make a Difference?

If you could choose the way you will die, what would it be?” Many people cavalierly answer “old age” or “in my sleep,” as if either of these answers will offer relief from an event they’ll do almost anything to avoid thinking about. But for some of us, the answers have less latitude and little humor. We have a better idea than most people what will do us in. In my case, it will most likely be prostate cancer, unless something else beats it to the punch.

I often think about the deaths of patients I’ve served for the past eight years as a bedside hospice volunteer. Some of the patients I developed a close friendship with, while others tested my reasons for serving. They ranged from an Episcopalian priest with stomach cancer who approached his death with inspiring solemnity, to the schizophrenic homeless man who preferred sleeping in a fetal position on the floor of his hospice room so he could “watch the lung cancer grow.”

What I’ve come to realize is that the question “what do you want to die from,” is a canard-something that hides an existential issue of much greater significance. The answers “in my sleep,” and “old age,” blanket over the a more basic fear: what will lead up to the moment of death. In my experience, I’ve found that what people hold on to from the past and what they refuse to give up in the future, has a greater effect on the peacefulness of their death than they illness they are dying from.Often I’ve seen emotional pain overshadow physical pain.

Dying isn’t a static event. The physical and emotional aspects of it flow with the same meandering as a flooded stream bed on an open plain. And it is in this vulnerable state–watching yourself in constant physical and emotional flux–that people confront what they have done in their lives and what they fear the most.

In the Middle Ages death was considered a part of living. A child was born and the beginning of a new life was celebrated. A loved one died and their contribution to others was remembered. Now, we look at death as if it was an embarrassing relative. We cloak it with dread and seriousness, construct bizarre answers to our children about what happens when someone dies, and invent a myriad of terms to make death more acceptable. We look at death as if it was separate from life. Something so terrible that even thinking about it cause great trepidation. Yet, life and death are intricately tied together. Without one, the other can’t exist.

So now, with the above preamble, what do you want to die from? There is no necessary correlation between some diseases and pain. Palliative medicine (pain reducing) does wonders with pain management close to death.

And what would I choose? I don’t think it really makes a difference. If I’ve taken care of all the past issues what would have made dying more difficult and I’m totally aware of what’s happening to me, I’d settle for anything, even prostate cancer.

How Safe Is Your Water Bottle?

In 2006, a research study described something quite extraordinary. A third of male fish in English rivers were in the process of changing sex, from male to female. Such reproductive anomalies are not just limited to fish.

In humans, studies show that girls are hitting puberty earlier than ever, and that male infertility is on the rise. Men now have a greater range of reproductive abnormalities, from undescended testes to mutated sperm.

In one study, it was found that sperm counts have dropped by 30% in the last fifteen years. The incidence of breast cancer and testicular cancer is increasing worldwide. So what do transgendered fish, onset of early puberty, reproductive abnormalities and cancer all have in common? The answer is plastics.

An alarming increase in biological abnormalities across species has been linked to synthetic molecules from plastic that resemble the female hormone estrogen.

Plastic is not the harmless compound that it once appeared to be. It does not degrade readily, and is one of the most durable pollutants on earth. Over hundreds of years, plastic disintegrates into smaller and smaller pieces of plastic which eventually enter the food chain, unchanged.

In 2005, 28 million tons of plastic waste were produced in the US alone. The Great Pacific Garbage Patch is an example of what happens to all our plastic cups, bottles and bags — it is a stretch of plastic waste several million square kilometers in size.

It is not just the environment that suffers. Plastic releases chemicals when scratched and heated, or when it comes in contact with acidic substances.

One of these chemicals is Bisphenol A (BPA), an important component of plastic water bottles, baby bottles, inner lining of food cans, microwave containers, and hundreds of common household and industrial products. The use of BPA-containing plastic in the packaging of food and beverages is alarming because there is a long list of health disorders attributed to the chemical.

BPA is a chemical compound that has a structure similar to the hormone estrogen. It sets off a chain reaction of estrogen responses in the male and female body, such as breast cell growth, regulation of the menstrual cycle, and a wide range of normal body development and functions.

BPA upsets the balance of hormonal messages in the body. Hundreds of scientific studies have shown that BPA is linked to developmental and reproductive abnormalities, cancer, and even neurological disorders in animal models.

In humans, the compound has been found to be linked to early onset of puberty, breast, uterine and prostate cancer, obesity and diabetes. By far the most common finding is that BPA in low doses is toxic during fetal and infant development. Pregnant women who were exposed to BPA had a higher than normal rate of birth defects and fetal and neonatal deaths.

Although BPA is only lethal at very high doses, increasing scientific evidence suggests that it can disrupt key body functions at very low doses, and builds up in our bodies over time with each exposure.

Despite the multiple scientific studies that clearly link BPA to developmental and other abnormalities in animals and humans, the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) issued a statement on August 15, 2008 reaffirming the safety of products containing low levels of BPA. However, no mention is made of the effects of repeated exposure over many years, or of the effect of combinations of hormones and BPA.

There are billions of people around the world who drink water from plastic bottles every day. Unfortunately, bottled water is harmful to the environment, your wallet and your health. Ironically, people who buy bottled water in an effort to improve overall wellbeing are actually putting their health at risk.

BPA and other toxic chemicals have been shown to leach out of both single-use and reusable plastic water bottles. Repeated use of plastic bottles has been shown to increase the rate of chemicals like BPA leaching out, especially bottles intended for single use.

By far, the most common types of water bottles in use today are the single use and re-usable plastic bottles such as Aquafina and Nalgene. Examining the recycling labels on the base of the bottle can help determine which bottles to avoid altogether.

Bottles marked with “#1” should only be used once. Bottles marked “#7”, also called Lexan, should be avoided altogether, as they definitely release BPA into the liquid. Bottles marked “#3” can also release BPA. Types 2, 4, 5 and 6 are the safer choices. However, it is safest to avoid plastic bottles altogether.

The only water bottles that are 100% safe to use are made of glass, but since glass is breakable and rather heavy, it does not appear to be a practical alternative. Fortunately, other types of water bottles are available.

One common alternative is the Sigg brand of water bottle, made from aluminum with a water-based epoxy inner liner. Although Sigg bottles are recyclable, and claim they do not contain BPA, they are made of aluminum, a toxic metal.

If the bottle cracks, for example due to mishandling, the aluminum can get into the liquid. Ingestion of aluminum can lead to many serious health problems, including bone and tissue damage and neurological disorders.

Another downside to the Sigg aluminum bottle is the fact that the chemicals used in making the epoxy inner liner are not divulged by the company, but kept as a trade secret. It may be best to assume that this liner is as toxic as plastic, especially since epoxy normally contains BPA. Although Sigg has released a study saying their liner is BPA free, it is quite likely to be biased since the study was paid for by Sigg.

It should also be pointed out that even though the Sigg study claims that their liner is BPA free, they didn’t test for BPA levels below 2 parts per million, thus, invalidating their results and claim that their product is BPA free. This type of deception makes consumers wary of Sigg water bottles.

One last fact that should be considered in the use of aluminum for water bottles is their possible negative impact on the environment. This is because the production of aluminum requires extensive energy, much more than various other materials used for water bottles.

So what material then is most likely to be the safest and least harmful to the environment? Stainless steel! Stainless steel water bottles are a much better alternative to plastic, glass or aluminum bottles.

Surprisingly, stainless steel bottles are 100% recyclable, durable and almost as lightweight as plastic. More importantly, stainless steel water bottles are also free from chemicals like BPA, and are safe to use with hot liquids.

Until further tests can be carried out to determine which, if any, plastic bottles can be used without long term risks, it is better to be cautious, and utilize stainless steel water bottles in order to avoid exposure to BPA or other chemicals that may pose a risk to one’s health.

Digestive Enzymes, Your Health and Nutrition

We as Americans are slowly killing ourselves. Just look at the facts.

As of now, a lot of Americans eat food that are filled with, preservatives, processed, hormones, artificial ingredients, chemical additives low fiber foods and animal fats, A lot of Americans are slowly killing themselves with their diets. Add to this, a lot of us don’t exercise, drink alcohol and smoke tobacco. What a lifestyle we are having! It has already been recognized that a major part of illnesses and disorders begin at the colon or the stomach. This can be proven with what we eat.

Then another fact is, right now there are at least one in 3 of the world’s population who are overweight and almost 1 in 10 is obese. Right now, there are over 20 million children who are under the age five who are overweight.

To make matter worse overweight and obesity can lead to musculoskeletal disorders like osteoarthritis and cancers such as endometrial, breast and colon. And it can also lead to chronic diseases like diabetes and cardiovascular diseases like stroke and heart disease. Such a condition shall only lead to premature death and substantial disability. Being fat is not funny. We are slowly killing ourselves

Being unhealthy also makes us uglier. Skin disorders such as acne, eczema, psoriasis, rosacea and other types of dermatitis may not kill us but it can definitely embarrass us, and that could lead to death too.

Eczema can make our skin dry, itchy and hot. In its severe case, it can make the skin raw, broken and bleeding. And it can affect any part of the body from the cheeks, forehead, forearms, legs, scalp, ankles, knees and neck. On the other hand, psoriasis which is another chronic inflammatory skin disorder can affect any area of the body and is most commonly found at the scalp, elbows, hands, knees, feet and genitals. While rosacea, another chronic skin disease causes redness and swelling and if not treated will result to pimples, visible blood vessels, bumps and a swollen nose. Believe me, a lot young of people have felt rejection because they have skin problems. And rejection is legitimate reason for suicide.

We as American’s really need to turn things around. We need to stop killing ourselves. We need to start exercising. We need to start taking in digestive enzyme supplements. Digestive enzymes are one sure ting to make us healthy. It can make help digest those junk food we eat, it can help us prevent being overweight and it can also make our skin healthy. Digestive enzymes can also prevent other illnesses like stroke, diabetes, constipation, heartburn, cancer pain, allergies, bloating, ulcers and lack of energy.

Let us stop killing ourselves and start living. Bye!